Based in Hilo, Nu’u Computers is your source for quality, friendly, and reliable computer support on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We pride ourselves in providing top notch service with a smile, and look forward to helping our community in any way we can.

Whether you need help with your home computers, or are looking for business IT support that you can depend on, we’ve got you covered.

Worry Free IT


Our team at Nu’u Computers believes that a good network should be largely self-sufficient. Under this belief, our technicians are trained to automate most tasks and procedures of network and computer system maintenance.  This results in a much lower overhead cost associated with your IT infrastructure and, with a stable computer network, you can eliminate costly employee downtime as well.  In short, we strive to lessen the financial burden of your computer systems.

Expert Support


Nu’u Computers offers on site and in home service for home computer users, businesses, and everyone in between! Our knowledge in computer networking and information technology is extensive.  We can help with any computer issue you may come across, such as viruses, network connections, hardware issues, and much more. So if your computer is acting up, or you just need competent computer support that you can count on, schedule an appointment today.

Want To Learn How To Do Something?

Computer Training

We love to share knowledge, and think it’s in our best interest to educate our clients as much as possible.

For business, this means giving our customers the power to choose what the best course of action is when implementing new technologies for their company.

At home, we love to share things that might make your life a little easier, and your computer experience more enjoyable.