A message to our community regarding COVID-19: Nu'u Computers is an essential business and continues to provide the same quality technical support to our community as always. Most of our services can be provided remotely and thus our on-site visits have been minimized. As our community transitions to primarily remote work, we are here to support them.


Business IT Services, Search Engine Optimization, and Web Design.

Nu’u Computers is a family owned and operated computer repair and network support company based in Hilo, Hawaii.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality support to our customers.

We are in the business of helping people, and we love to provide the most cost effective solutions that are tailored specifically to our client’s needs – big and small.  We also think our customers generally know what’s best for their business, so we try to be as transparent with our services as possible and communicate the best options available to our customers – putting the decision making power into their hands.  This helps us to work as a team, and leads to the best outcomes for everyone.

From small home computer troubles, such as viruses, repairs, networking, and upgrades, to large business enterprises, spanning multiple sites with complex infrastructure, we can help!  Our certified staff are experts in both technology and customer service who genuinely strive for the best experience for our clients.

Garrett got his first formal training in the field of Information Technology during his enlistment in the U.S. Air Force, beginning in 2002. During that time, Garrett was an integral part of a team of experts that designed and implemented an $8M base-wide Local Area Network (LAN) upgrade which affected over 6,500 users and spanned multiple subnets and domains. He and his team were able to implement this, along with redundant network transmission protocols with zero downtime, and increased network throughput by over 1000% and network reliability threefold.

Post military, Garrett worked for the Sumter County, South Carolina, Information Technology Department where he lead his staff in significantly improving the user friendliness of county IT systems and vastly improved the security infrastructure.  He and his staff were also able to design and implement VLSM routing protocols, reclaiming network addressing for over 25 sites before returning home to Northern Nevada to pursue education in business.

While in college, Garrett started his first business, Zephyr Tech, which quickly became a leading provider of a broad range of information technology services with clients in Northern Nevada, Las Vegas, and California. During this time, he met his future wife, Wailea. She is a Maui girl and was also in Nevada pursuing her education. When Wailea was offered a Fellowship to pursue a Masters degree at the University of Hawaii. Garrett sold Zephyr Tech only to start Nu’u Computers a few months later in Fall 2016.

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Nu'u Computers Owner - Garrett Collins

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