Search Engine Data

Establishing a digital presence via a website begins with the content that is published on your site.

It starts with the words that you choose to describe your business, its services, and its products. It continues with the words that a potential consumer types into the search engine box. Finally, your digital footprint is measured by the number of people that can quickly, and easily, find your website. 

Ranking For the Right Keywords Is Paramount To Success

Conducting keyword research is the first step to creating an impactful digital footprint. By researching, or hiring an SEO analyst to research your market’s keyword demand, you can insert yourself into the mindset of your intended consumer or audience. Keyword research also allows you to more readily discover the words and phrases that your future site visitors will use to find your website. The usefulness of this search data intelligence cannot be overstated and should be approached with care.

A local SEO company can hep you to target keywords, long tail keywords, and geographic keywords. The importance of geo-location targeting is especially important to brick and mortar retail stores, local businesses, as well as any business that provides a service, for example: doctors, carpenters, Real Estate agents, and bankers.  When used in the right combination, keywords can help you to:

  • Predict shifts in market demand.
  • Respond to changing marketing conditions.
  • Produce the services, products, and contents that web searchers are actively seeking.
  • Improve ROI by increasing website traffic.

In the history of digital marketing, there has never been a more important factor than using the right keywords to make your website stand out from your competitors.

Choose The RIGHT combination of Competitive keywords and Long Tail Keywords. An SEO specialist can help you to discover the ideal combination of competitive keywords and long tail keywords that will drive interested consumers to your website. 

  • Competitive Keywords- An SEO analyst will conduct competitive keyword analysis to implement an organic search optimization strategy. By understanding who your competitors are, and what keywords are optimized within their content, you can design your website content to be relevant, profitable, and competitive. Once you have chosen your competitive keywords, you can create a Google AdWords campaign that targets these highly searched words and phrases. It is important to note that competitive keywords tend to cost a premium, which is why many Hawaii businesses choose to outsource their SEO strategies. An outsourced SEO solution can be tailored to increase ROI by delivering keyword-targeted ad campaigns to an interested consumer base.
  • Long Tail Keywords- Long tail keywords, also known as keyword phrases, are used by businesses to target highly-specific niche demographics. Unlike many competitive keywords, long tail keywords don’t focus on mass audiences. Instead, they are more specific and less competitive than generic keyword terms. Through extensive keyword research, an SEO analyst can suggest long tail keywords that target multiple demographics. In this way, long tail keywords tend to provide both short-term and long-term SEO benefits.

The right combination of competitive keywords and long tail keywords should drive your website content strategy. These words and phrases should be carefully chosen by an SEO analyst to account for both specific and broad searches. By choosing the right keywords you can improve your digital footprint and more effectively target your intended consumer audience.