Understanding your competition is an important factor of any business strategy. And it should come as no surprise that understanding your opponent is also an important aspect of SEO project planning. Before a local SEO expert can create your website or online content strategy, the following four components will need to be thoroughly analyzed: 

Identify potential SEO competitors.

The Internet has made it significantly easier for a Hawaii business to reach a wider audience. However, if you can reach a wider audience, then so too can your competitors. Understanding your SEO competition starts with the identification of your potential business rivals. An SEO expert will help you to determine what companies or individuals are already targeting the same keywords and keyword phrases that you are hoping to use.

Validate the strength of your opposition.

Your chosen SEO analyst will take the time needed to study your list of your SEO competitors. The analyst will be looking for businesses that are in the same industry or offer the same products and services that your company offers. Businesses that are direct competitors, i.e. they offer the same products or services, are also your direct organic and paid search rivals.

Cross analysis is completed.

The next step is for an SEO expert to conduct a cross-analysis to see what potential target keywords and long tail keywords are being used by your competitors. Your competitors' link-building, social media, and content strategy will also be examined. 

Careful Selection of Targeted Keywords

By using the above three steps, SEO analysts will expertly leverage the competitive data to select the best keywords. Keywords should be selected with both short term and long term goals in mind. By understanding SEO basics, competitor data, and conducting keyword research, an SEO expert can more effectively choose the correct keywords. 

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization Experts

SEO experts can implement an SEO strategy that is optimized to achieve the following benefits.

Increased Traffic

Research shows that the higher a website appears in search results, the higher the number of website visitors. An SEO analyst can design an SEO campaign that focuses on increased website traffic and higher conversion rates from site visitors. 

Improved ROI

By conducting competitive research and optimizing SEO strategies, and SEO expert can help your website achieve a positive ROI through increased click-through ratings and improved conversion rates with well-placed call-to-action phrases, as well as highly targeted keywords.

Brand Awareness

A good SEO campaign can help to improve your business' brand awareness. The more people that view your website on a daily basis, the higher your brand awareness. As your brand awareness increases, you will be in a better position to create loyal brand ambassadors.

Cost Effectiveness

SEO experts understand the difference between competitive keywords and long tail keywords. More importantly, they know when to use certain keywords and what combination of keywords offer the most value. In this way, SEO experts can help you to implement a cost effective SEO strategy that is designed to optimize the use of both competitive and long tail keywords, as well as linking strategies, PPC, and Google AdWords campaigns.