3 Simple Tricks the Computer Guy will Never Tell You

  1. Anti-spyware programs such as Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, when used properly, can be of a great help in keeping these infections at bay.
  2. Cleaning out your temporary files regularly is one of the most important things to do when trying to prevent getting a computer virus or malware infection. These folders exist because of antiquated technologies when internet speeds were so slow that the computer would actually download and cache a large amount of websites the computer user visits in order to make the sites load faster on the next visit. Now this still happens, and is still helpful to website load times, but has also become the premier infection point for spyware, adware, and even viruses, as it is a security vulnerability that has yet to be closed.
  3. For the advanced user, there exists a very handy program called HijackThis by Trend Micro. This program will provide a list of abnormal items in your computer that, with the right guidance, can help locate and remove what we like to call “patient zero” in the computer infection epidemic. We caution to use this program only if you know what your are removing, as it will list things that are indeed “abnormal” but completely harmless and even necessary to proper computer operations. 

In closing, there are a couple more tools and a lot more things to look at when a computer is infected and needs cleanup. If these tools and your own tricks don’t stop you getting infected, simply call Nu’u Computers, or contact us through our website, and we’ll be sure to help!

We can also teach you how to remove these infections yourself!