Competitive Analysis

An SEO Implementation Strategy is an important aspect of any Internet marketing efforts.

A local SEO expert can help you to design your SEO implementation strategy to deliver higher conversion rates, increased business growth, and competition success. A successful SEO campaign will take into account what keywords your competition is using, your targeted market demographics, and implement the appropriate combination of long tail and highly competitive keywords. 

SEO Experts Are Equipped To Understand Your Competitor's SEO Campaigns

Before an SEO strategy can be implemented, you must first understand the following competitive aspects:

  • What are your competitors doing?
  • What keywords are they targeting?
  • What are your competitors’ conversion ratings?
  • Are your competitors’ online efforts more successful than your own?

A local SEO expert can help you to answer these questions. Through a careful analysis of your competitor’s choice in long tail and highly competitive keywords, your chosen SEO expert can help you to implement an SEO strategy that surpasses your competitor’s efforts.

SEO Experts Increase Conversion Rates By Targeting Niche Market Demographics

Understanding your intended audience is one of the keys to launching a successful SEO campaign. An SEO expert has the tools and skill set needed to define, understand, and appeal to your chosen audience. 

Market demographics that should be considered, include:

  • The age of your audience.
  • The interests of your audience.
  • Determining if the majority of your audience is male or female.
  • Determining if there are any cultural factors that could contribute to your SEO campaign.

Once market demographics have been established, your chosen SEO expert will help you to design your landing pages, so that they appeal to your intended audience. To do this, keywords should be chosen based on the gathered demographic information. Imagery, colors, and text should be aligned to target your chosen market demographics. Finally, an SEO expert will conduct test variations to determine what SEO strategies will increase your ROI. 

Implementing The Right Combination of Long Tail and Competitive Keywords Leads To Business Growth

Competition success occurs when you have the correct SEO strategies. Expert SEO analysts can help you to determine what combination of long tail and highly competitive keywords will lease to the optimal levels of business growth. 

  • Long Tail Keywords — Long tail keywords are most commonly referred to as keyword phrases. They are 2 – 5 word phrases that are used by SEO experts to target niche demographics. In this way, long tail keywords focus on smaller audiences. They are less competitive than generic keyword terms; however, when used effectively, they provide both long-term and short-term SEO benefits. 
  • Competitive Keywords — Highly competitive keywords refer to the keywords that your competitors are actively using. They are also words that are readily associated with your business industry, services, or products. Once an SEO expert has chosen your competitive keywords, a Google AdWords campaign can be created to successfully target future consumers. Highly competitive keywords tend to cost a premium, which is why many businesses in Hawaii choose to outsource their SEO strategies. When you outsource your SEO strategy, you can rest easily knowing that your SEO strategy will be customized to deliver keyword-targeted ad campaigns to an interested consumer base.

The right combination of competitive keywords and long tail keywords, targeted market demographics, and competitor research will result in a successful SEO implementation strategy. By leveraging the expertise of a local Hawaii SEO company, you can more effectively target your intended consumer audience and improve your digital footprint.