The Key To Internet Marketing Success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analytics IS Your Internet Marketing Strategy

What is the key to marketing success in today’s digital world?  One Word:  Data.  Data tells you if the right people see your ads; if you are getting lead-generating shares and what channels offer the best return for your marketing dollar. Search Engine Optimization is much more scientific than most people realize. Let us show you how data-driven decisions can help  grow your business.

Data Driven Business Decisions.

Growing any business online is a scientific data-driven process that takes persistence and attention to detail, as well as the ability to look at things objectively and analytically. Let us show you how to grow with SEO.


There is more to analytics than a bunch numbers plugged into a spreadsheet or chart. Analytics is about trends. Our job is to analyze the data and see the trends as they happen and then help create marketing strategies that enhance your business. Using intelligent data-driven business marketing, we simplify your approach to multi-channel solutions.

Data Analysis

Search Engine Optimization data analysis allows us to see what pulls customers to your door. We analyze data from the mainstream search engines to recognize consumer search trends and utilize them when planning new strategies.


Through competitive analysis, we develop the right keywords for every project. Finding the right keywords that match the current trends means digging through data and analyzing contemporary buzzwords for our client’s industry.


Using a collaborative strategy, we work with you to tailor campaigns that fit both your style and the data. Combining metrics with the nuances that make your business distinctive allows us to develop strategies that work for our clients.


  • Enhance
    Develop more efficient website design, resulting in more sales.
  • Improve
    Find and improve upon deficiencies in previous marketing plans.
  • Analyze
    Check our efforts and you establish accountability for your SEM.
  • Discover
    Expand with industry specific keywords to drive relevant traffic.

This is a proven technique used by major corporations around the world. Arby’s, for example, used data to determine that many of their target customers would go online during the 2014 Grammy Awards. Statistics also prove that 85 percent of Twitter users online during prime time viewing hours discuss TV shows. Arby’s turned this knowledge to gold by creating a Twitter campaign to fit that data-driven mold. Tweeting a comment directed at artist Pharrell Williams during the show started a Twitter buzz that gained the fast food brand 6,000 new followers.


Our ultimate goal is to help clients make improvements on their marketing strategies, so they develop a solid customer base that includes not just the occasional interloper but true fans.  Using analytics gained through conversion rate optimization funnels, we monitor the transition our client’s customers make as they go from a searcher to a page viewer to a buyer to a marketing tool that recommends your business to friends and family.  It is word of mouth advertising that sustains a business for the long run, and you can learn about how to shape your story with social media here as well.

Using search engine optimization analysis, we help create a positive feedback loop that brings more customers into the funnel. The more people looking at about our clients, the better their search engine ranking.

As complex as analytics seems, they really serve only one purpose – to enhance sales by improving your marketing efforts. Without them, you are missing out on information that you can use to grow your business and bring in more revenue. Intelligent data-driven marketing is what we offer our clients because it is a digital world and that is what it takes for them to find success. A solid marketing platform and proper data analysis is how we get you there.