Business Method

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a method of generating traffic to your website by focusing on conversion as your core measurement of your site's success, rather than the amount of traffic your site receives.

After all, a truck load of traffic isn’t going to do you a lot of good if your traffic isn’t converting. Many people assume using CRO is just for PPC campaigns, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Focusing only on PPC campaigns with your CRO activities actually leaves a lot of money on the table for your websites. When paired hand in hand with SEO, CRO can be a very powerful thing.

In fact, according to, the average conversion rate on most SEO-optimized websites is 1.4%. When CRO is added, those conversion rates can increase to as much as 40%. Just think how much that kind of conversion would mean for your business. This should show you just how powerful CRO can really be.

Your CRO specialists will be focused on converting the traffic that comes to your website into sales.

At the same time, your SEO specialist will be focused on driving targeted traffic to your site. If you already know the audience for your website, the SEO should drive traffic from this audience, so the CRO project will have higher conversions from the start. The real picture of your site’s success comes when you combine your SEO campaign with your CRO campaign, and look at the results of each paired with each other. Blending the results into one shows you what your site is really doing, and can show you where you need to improve, and where you’re getting it exactly right with your audience.

The ideal promotional campaign for your website will include both SEO and CRO. It isn’t just about SEO, as it ws in the past. Without good CRO, the SEO means nothing. A good SEO specialist company will always include CRO services with its offerings, and you should take advantage of them. The campaign will bring in the targeted traffic you need, and an audience that is already primed to buy and interested in doing so. You must consider an SEO and CRO package as an essential part of your website’s marketing, and in its success.

This is also something you shouldn’t try to do on your own, because SEO and CRO are really specialized skills. You wouldn’t try to do your own plumbing, electrical work, or roof repair, unless you had the proper training. The same should be true of marketing your website with SEO and CRO. Your specialist will be able to point out potential problem areas on your website and fix them, to bring in the type of traffic you want in the quantities you need.

Some common problem areas on websites that can be unattractive for visitors and negatively affect your conversions include:

Confusing Site Navigation

Slow Page Loads

Broken Sales Funnel

Bad Web Design

Ugly Graphics

Broken Cart/Checkout

These are things your CRO specialist can help you correct that a company that specializes only in SEO just can’t do. An SEO-only company can get you the traffic, but it can’t make that traffic convert. So many different factors go into conversion, this is why you need a CRO specialist to work on your site and keep it converting. When you use our services, you will see they quickly pay for themselves with increased traffic and increased conversions that make your site money.